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Project Middle China – Work and Experience in Henan

The New Zealand China Friendship Society will select up to 500 NZ graduates over 3 years to be Cultural Ambassadors working with education providers in Zhengzhou to teach Chinese students at all levels. While helping improve the students’ communication capabilities and their knowledge of New Zealand culture, at the same time they will have first hand experience of China and its rich culture.  After one year, they will naturally become ambassadors for Chinese culture and carry the flag of friendship to the next generations.

Project Middle China (PMC) allows people from New Zealand to be Cultural Ambassadors living and experiencing Henan in middle China, where the Chinese civilisation began.

While these Cultural Ambassadors are in Henan, they will spend some of their time teaching Western culture and English language to the Chinese students, and the rest of the time they will experience the rich culture and life in Henan.

The organisers are New Zealand China Friendship Society, Zhengzhou Youxie (Zhengzhou People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries) and New Zealand Chinese Youth Federation.

Quick Facts:

  • Duration:  12 months (including summer and winter school breaks)
  • Base City:  Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China
  • Activities:  Teaching English. Learning about Chinese food culture, history, tea culture, Mandarin, Tai Chi, with trips to other cities in Henan, etc.
  • Teaching Work:  Maximum 20 hours per week
  • Prerequisite:  Native or near-native English speaker holding a Bachelor’s degree in any subject.  If your degree is not related to language education, you will need to have a TESOL certificate (contact us – see below- if you need to know more about this).
  • Salary: RMB 6000 – 12000 / month, depending on your work experience.  Usually the salary is more than you need to lead a good life in Zhengzhou.
  • Other Great Benefits:
  • Free Accommodation:  Quality accommodation will be provided free of charge, arranged by receiving schools.
  • Flight Reimbursement:  One-way international flight ticket to or from China. (Conditions applies, please contact us for more detail on this.)
  • For a document with more about life in Henan, click here [Note that the details covered by the above article are out of date].

To apply:

Please send your CV and a digital passport style photo to Ken Liu, our project manager, his email address is, please put “Project Middle China Application” in the Subject of your email.  If in doubt, please call him at +64 21 552 225.